Michael Cantese
Michael CanteseChief Financial Officer
Mick Catanese is the Chief Financial Officer for Hands Across Long Island, and a Certified Public Accountant in New York State. He also holds a Masters degree in Healthcare Administration from N.Y.U. He has worked in the nonprofit field for over 45 years, including ten with Ernst & Young in their healthcare consulting division providing operational and financial consulting to many of New York’s largest hospitals.

For the past 22 years he has served as the Chief Financial Officer for both Peninsula Counseling Center and Hands Across Long Island that provide mental health, substance abuse, housing, wellness and homeless services. He has provided significant fiscal analyses for HALI including program evaluations, budgeting for new services/grant opportunities, and debt consolidation.

Judy Dubois
Judy DuboisChief Operating Officer
Currently, she is the Housing Director of Hands Across Long Island, Inc. She has been involved in the consumer/recovery movement for 24 years through her work at HALI. During those 24 years Ms. Dubois has been involved in founding the first Walk for Mental Health; opening the first Peer-Run Mental Health Clinic in the United States; expanding our services into upstate NY, Nassau County, and New York City; and creating some of the curriculum used by the Academy of Peer Services in creating Certified Peer Specialists in New York State.

Ms. Dubois has been instrumental in the creation and implementation of most of the agency’s programs and services during her tenure, including the innovation of the mobile shower unit for homeless individuals in Suffolk County. She is committed to the HALI mission of recovery for persons with mental health conditions and the necessity of peer services in the larger mental health system.

Lorraine Classi
Lorraine ClassiCompliance Officer
In 2014, Lorraine Classi joined HALI’s staff as its first Compliance Officer. Lorraine has over 30 years of experience in the health insurance industry. She is a motivational leader who has put together corporate organizational coherence for HALI. Having served as Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, and Chief Compliance Officer, she is a proven decision maker who has led the company and its projects down successful paths.

Lorraine has developed internal systems which effectively enhanced companys’ infrastructures. Her respected voice in the insurance industry has brought her to serve on the Board of Directors of three major insurance companies. She continues her journey at HALI, bringing her business experience and furthering the agency’s success in serving the mental health population.

Michelle Revello
Michelle RevelloProgram Director
Michelle has 30+ years of experience in the medical field and has held many executive level positions, including Regional & Program Development Manager and Director of Operations.
When looking for a career change, Michelle hired a life coach and realized the single thing missing in her life was the connection with people and the ability to make a difference in another person’s life. “Living life with meaning and purpose,” is Michelle’s personal Mantra.

Michelle has a natural gift to be able to connect well with others and is always looking for ways to cross-functionally contribute her talents throughout the agency.