John Griffin, Supported Housing Case Manager
Another “old timer”, John has been with HALI since 1994! John has held multiple positions in his history with HALI and has served each one of them with deep respect for the people in our programs. From Drop-In, to Housing, John has exercised compassion and concern with everyone that crosses his path. He lifts people up and provides unconditional support. John is available to HALI whenever we need him – and he has demonstrated that availability over the years. When he was called at 2 am for an alarm on the building or 3:30 am when there was an emergency in Housing – John was there – I guess you can call him “Johnnie on the spot!” John has always served HALI as a protector of sorts – today he will stay as late as the last person in the office needs – often 10pm- so that no person is in the office alone.
"HALI didn't discriminate and helped me accept me for who I am."
- Eddie B
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