Jackie Harrington, Head Bookkeeper
With her BS in Accounting and seven (yes 7) children at home, Jackie makes sure that HALI’s bills get paid, after of course, she makes sure HALI’s not getting jilted!

Jackie started at HALI in 1999 while our offices where held at Pilgrim Psychiatric Center (in the Director’s House). Although Jackie was very timid in the early years, she has really come into her own! Jackie takes initiative, when she sees something that needs attention. That’s probably why she has so much on her plate and comes into work at 7am!

Jackie has been a tremendous help to HALI in organizing and setting up systems that help coordinate and make life easier on the Housing staff. Jackie has created certification documentation, fiscal review documentation, lease reviews and manages representative payee for several tenants. Jackie works very hard to assist tenants in any way she can and is very supportive, caring and always lends a listening ear.
"HALI has been a life saving blessing. The people who work here, the participants, the groups, all are so life affirming. Here you are a person in recovery, who just happens to have an illness. A PERSON! HALI is the greatest place to be for anyone who is DEALING with mental health conditions and TRYING to better themselves. So I hope to see you here at HALI!"
- Barbara K
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