Shirley Rionero, Housing Case Manager
Shirley brings her compassion and desire to help others to her position and often is found in the field visiting tenants way past the "clock". Shirley responds to tenants 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is genuinely concerned about the welfare of the people she works with. "Going above and beyond" describes Shirley best, although her modesty will cause her to blush when acknowledged.

Shirley is continuing her education as a full time student at St. Joseph's College with the intent of becoming a Social Worker. With all this activity, Shirley's major hobby is sleeping when not working, schooling or mothering!
"My next stop was to be committed to the hospital for the rest of my life. HALI gave me a chance, hope and believed in me…today I'm working, living in my own apartment and haven’t been hospitalized, homeless or in trouble in five years. HALI is a God send!"
- Louise R.
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