Denise Jackson, Advocate
Denise Jackson joined the staff at HALI in the Advocacy department in early December 2015.
She brings a wealth of experience from the mental health field and enjoys working with and helping others. She is an educator for “Breakthrough” homelessness prevention course designed to help break negative cycles and is a 10 year board member of another not for profit. Denise is the Senior Pastor of Living Word Ministries and a published poet from America’s Best Poets of the 20th Century. She also is the recipient of 2015 International Extraordinary Woman of the Year Award from the Legislator’s office. Her greatest assignment is her family and being a mother to her daughters and only son. Denise enjoys reading, writing and dancing and she is quite the comedian full of laughs and funny stories.
"HALI celebrates life, weddings, baby showers, graduations, successes and remembers those we lost."
- Susan P
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