Ellen M. Healion, MA
Ellen M. Healion, MA, Chief Executive Officer
Judy Dubois
Judy Dubois, Chief Operating Officer
Michael Catanese
Michael Catanese, Chief Financial Officer
Diane Johnson, Ph.D., LCSW,ACSW,MA
Diane Johnson, Ph.D., LCSW,ACSW,MA, Agency Clinical Supervisor
Ruby Serra
Ruby Serra, Executive Assistant
Julia Annese
Julia Annese, Advocate
Donna Classi
Donna Classi, Central Islip PROS Family Psycho-Educational Coordinator
Reinaldo Bello
Reinaldo Bello, Advocacy and Forensics Coordinator
Jon Brennan, LCSW
Jon Brennan, LCSW, Central Islip PROS Employment Specialist
Larita Brown
Larita Brown, Kitchen Staff
James Ford
James Ford, Intervention Specialist Forensics
Heletha Grant
Heletha Grant, Supported Housing Case Manager
John Griffin
John Griffin, Supported Housing Case Manager
Jackie Harrington
Jackie Harrington, Head Bookkeeper
Denise Jackson
Denise Jackson, Advocate
Marc Jean
Marc Jean, Master Chef
Anna Marie Lambert
Anna Marie Lambert, Bookkeeping
Artie Lambert
Artie Lambert, Maintenance Department
Danielle LoBue
Danielle LoBue, Advocate
David Lombardi
David Lombardi, Central Islip PROS Rehabilitation Facilitator
Roberta Miglino
Roberta Miglino, Clerical Coordinator
Shirley Rionero
Shirley Rionero, Housing Case Manager
Yvonne Rivera
Yvonne Rivera, Central Islip PROS Rehabilitation Practitioner
Alexis Rodgers
Alexis Rodgers, Supported Housing/Maintenance Coordinator
John Sirianni
John Sirianni, Maintenance Department
Jenna Esteves Jenna Esteves, Peer Networking Center Specialist
Michael Garcia Michael Garcia, Maintenance Department
Claire Swinston
Claire Swinston, Supported Housing Case Manager/Forensics
Anthony Sirianni Anthony Sirianni, Maintenance Department
"HALI became my family and I became whole."
- Christina S
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