Academy Peer Training | Hands Across Long Island

Academy Peer Training

Academy for Peer Service training to be a peer.
If interested in Personal one-on-one tutoring for Academy for Peer Service training to be a peer contact Michelle Revello at

Mobile Shower Unit | Hands Across Long Island

HALI Mobile Shower Unit

The unit enables homeless individuals to access a hot shower, free clean clothing and food as available within the townships of Babylon, Islip, Huntington, Riverhead, and Brookhaven. Information about services are available to link adults residing in Suffolk County.

If interested in information about the Mobile Shower Unit contact Michelle Revello at

HALI Café Kitchen | Hands Across Long Island

HALI Café Kitchen

Join us for a hot and hearty meal:
Monday–Thursday @ 2pm. The cost is $2
Free meals on Friday, 10am–4pm
Saturday @ 5pm. The cost is $2

Food Pantry | Hands Across Long Island

Food Pantry

Our free food pantry is open to the public:
Monday–Friday, 10am–2pm
Saturday, 5pm–6pm

Computer Lab | Hands Across Long Island

Computer Lab

Computer access with FREE Wi-Fi. Participants are able to access online employment resources, self-help groups, email, social media, leisure activities, education and training, and other community and web-based resources. Books, DVDs, and games are also available.

Zen Room | Hands Across Long Island

Zen Room

Our Zen Room provides a quiet and tranquil place for group meetings, yoga classes, and meditation. It’s a great place to decompress and also enjoy our full-body massage chairs.

Great Room | Hands Across Long Island

Great Room

  • Movies, Smart TV’s, food, pool table, and music area
  • Coffee and snacks available throughout the day
  • Hot showers & towels, 10am–1:30pm

If interested in information about the Great Room contact Michelle Revello at

Music Room | Hands Across Long Island

Music Room

Our music room helps to improve and maintain the physical, psychological, and social well-being of individuals. We include a broad range of activities, such as listening to music, singing, and playing a musical instrument.