Not Just A Bed, but a HOME.
Currently HALI provides Supported Housing to over 150 individuals in Nassau & Suffolk Counties. In addition to providing a rental subsidy, HALI case managers provide regular visits with the tenants to assist them in a multitude of activities from daily living skills, to employment and the acquisition of benefits. The housing is available through Single Point of Access (SPA) referrals for individuals with mental illness who are independent in maintaining their recovery activities.
The HALI Difference
At HALI, each applicant is interviewed and has an opportunity to meet with potential housemates to ensure there is a match in personalities prior to placement in a home. In 2009, HALI blazed new trails by building a home with private two-room spaces for each resident with shared common areas promoting a sense of independence and well-being. This project was a true community endeavor. Support from the State Senate, Suffolk County, Towns and neighbors made this possible. This particular home targets homeless individuals who have additional physical issues. HALI assists with obtaining home health care services, if eligible.
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Contact our Housing Department at 631-234-1925.
Frequently Used Forms:
Frequently Asked Questions:
How do I apply for HALI Housing, What is the SPA? Everyone applying for Housing must submit a Single Point of Access (SPA) housing application. Your Case Manager or therapist can assist you in filling this out. The SPA then examines the application for completeness and matches the applicant with agencies that have an opening. An interview with those agencies is scheduled and a determination is made within 7 business days. HALI usually schedules 2-3 appointments, one of which is to visit the available opening and meet the potential house/apartment mate. Once a tenant is accepted, a meeting is scheduled to sign the lease and make the security and first month rental payment, prior to moving in.
How much is my rent and does it change? Rent is determined by income of the applicant and shall not be more than 30% of the total income of the applicant (includes employment and benefit income). Every year HALI will review the rent determination and recalculate the rent as income increases or decreases. The rent is not adjusted throughout the year unless there has been a major and permanent change in income.
What if I have trouble managing my money? HALI offers the service of "Representative Payee". You may opt to have HALI receive your benefit checks and pay your bills, providing you with the left over money. You would need to request such a service and provide a letter to Social Security stating such.
How do I get security before moving in and how much is it? Security is based on the monthly rent as stated above. In most cases, the case management will be able to assist people in providing security.
Lease: Leases describing the role of the tenant and HALI are reviewed and signed prior to moving in and are renewed annually.
Is the apartment/House furnished? An inventory of furnishings is made to determine needed items. HALI works with the tenant and their case managers to ensure the basic necessities are provided. Should a person come to HALI housing from an infested living space (bed bugs, roaches), furnishing will not be accepted into the new the HALI housing and clothing must be washed at a Laundromat prior to moving in.
How do I get matched with other housemates? (What if I have a friend to share with?) HALI makes every effort to match tenants with compatible house mates. During the application process, potential tenants will meet existing tenants to determine that compatibility. Should a potential tenant have a friend they would like to live with, there are two options: to have the friend apply through SPA, or to have the friend pay = of the market value rent with no subsidy from HALI.
What if I am hospitalized? Should a tenant be on vacation, hospitalized or in rehab, the tenant remains responsible for rent and other bills incurred monthly. The housing remains intact for the return of the tenant unless otherwise determined.
Can I get a single apartment? Single openings are extremely rare; however, HALI does have HUD beds that are single occupancy. These specific beds are for Homeless Individuals with a severe and persistent mental illness. People in this category receive two (2) visits a month and are required to develop goal plans.
Can I have my child visit, spend the night, live w/me? HALI does not provide Family Housing and children may not live in HALI housing. For the safety and well being of the child, all requests for visits must be made through the Housing Department and agreed to by the house mate. In some cases it is inappropriate to have a child at the home.
Can I have overnight guests? Guests must be cleared by the housemates and the housing department notified, in the event of an emergency. The tenant is responsible for the behavior of their guest.
Can I have a pet? Generally pets are not permitted in HALI owned properties. Most apartment complexes allow certain pets but require an additional monthly payment, which the tenant is responsible for. There is an application to request a pet which includes letters from clinical treatment teams, a plan of care and a list of individuals that will take responsibility for the pet in the event that you are unable to meet the needs of the pet and a letter from the house mate stating that they are not allergic and would accept an animal in the home. This application must take place PRIOR to a pet entering the home.
How often does HALI staff visit? Depending on the housing program a tenant is accepted in, home visits requirement range from 1-2 per month. Should a tenant require or request additional visits or support, those visits will be made. Additional visits are made during the transition into HALI housing to assist the new tenant in becoming familiar with community resources.
What if my housemate is behaving in dangerous or illegal activities? Every tenant has the right to a safe living space. If a tenant is engaged in dangerous or illegal behavior, the other tenants of the home are expected to report such behavior to HALI staff. HALI does not tolerate violence or illegal activity and will prosecute and/or evict persons engaging is such behavior.
Housing Rights and Responsibilities: A formal Housing Rights and Responsibilities and Grievance Procedure documents are given to each new tenant.
Will I be moved? Moves occur when an unsafe environment is present. Any options to relocate to another HALI housing site are presented to individuals as they arise - these generally happen when singles or doubles become available and are offered to people who have been in HALI housing and have been waiting the longest. There are times that moves need to be made to respond to crisis situations.