Facilitating Change Through Collaboration
HALI has provided intensive supports and services to agency's wanting to make the shift from treatment to rehabilitation/recovery. HALI has provided in-depth assessment, proposed re-building of systems from within and offers side by side administrative implementation. Time frames for agency consultation can be from as little as a few days or a few months depending upon the agency needs.
HALI Offers consultation in the areas of:
Development and implementation: programs, peer philosophy, self-help groups, peer operated services, and clinics
Integration: working with existing program staff and administrators to incorporate peer employment and philosophy.
Building Success and Sustainability: training and education in developing policies and procedures, fiduciary responsibilities, personnel practices and networking among other peer run operations.
Who has sought out HALI?
US Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)
State Wide Trade Associations
County Departments of Mental Health & Hygiene - Training
Parole and Probation Departments-Training
Police - Training
Churches - Outreach Programs
Developing agencies
Agencies trying to Operationalize Rehabilitation
Staff Training in Agencies throughout NYS, Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Colorado
Nathan Kline Institute - Peer expertise, training and participation in a Community Based Research Group funded by National Institute of Mental Health.
Boston University
New York State Association of Rehabilitation Providers
National Council Community Behavior Healthcare
Association for Community Living
National Empowerment Center
Suffolk Case Management
Alternatives 2009
NYS Case Management Coalition
HALI has presented on the following:
Peer Run Clinics
Peer Run Services: Power and Responsibility
Innovations in Recovery
From Incarceration to Community
Peer Run Services - What does the Research Say?
Community ReEntry Task Force Training

For more information, on how HALI can be of service to you contact us.

Ellen Healion, Executive Director, Hands Across Long Island
"As a leader in New York State's Mental Health recovery and rehabilitation movement, HALI is providing an inspiriting demonstration of the power of self help in promoting and healing."
- Harvey Rosenthal, Executive Director, NY Association of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services
"I had the pleasure of visiting HALI and its staff to learn more about the amazing programs they provide to its participants. I was very impressed with the compassion, kindness, and determination in which they provide services. Supporting people in their recovery to discover who they can be is incredible and hard work that they do with passion and enthusiasm. Everyone, from Executive Director to front line staff, was down-to-earth and welcoming. They are doing cutting edge work that has inspired me to move forward with my hopes and dreams of developing similar programs in my state."
- Holly Dixon, Certified Social Worker, Maine
"HALI is one of the most innovated peer agencies in the country in developing and implementing peer run programming and housing that intergrades' individuals in their community of choice which fosters healing and recovery in their lives. Housing Options Made Easy, Inc. supports HALI's efforts in maintaining the peer values while providing services that are vital to the mental health system and community."
- Joe Woodward, Housing Options Made Easy